The Play: About A Brown

About A Brown is a musical comedy that centres on the stories of a group of young adults. These characters epitomise the issues that challenge our generation, specifically the careful balancing act we perform in our day to day lives in order to reconcile the beliefs and behaviours handed down to us from our cultural heritage against the social values and influences we are surrounded by, having grown up in our multicultural Australian society.

The Charity

International Medical Health Organisation (IMHO)

The International Medical Health Organization (IMHO) is an international humanitarian organization that focuses on developing and improving health care in disadvantaged and needy regions worldwide. IMHO was founded in 2004 in the United States, by health care professionals who recognized a desperate need in bringing health care to impoverished communities in lesser-developed regions.

IMHO seeks to improve the overall health and well-being of all persons, particularly those affected by poverty, conflict, and natural disaster. IMHO aims to improve health care across the globe for those in need, by identifying health needs and providing resources & training to address those needs. They believe in empowering communities to build their own health systems, improve overall health, and to respond to health needs as they arise. In this way, they promote self-reliance and sustainability. They believe in the transformative power of education and the role this plays in improving the overall health and well-being of people everywhere.

Funds Raised for IMHO
Letter of Appreciation

The Team

Lakshman Nirthanakumaran


Maathumai Ranjan


Dasun Abeygoonawardana


Sathyananda Sivaraj

Associate Producer

Haresh Nair

Music Director

Pirenu Nirmalendran

Set Manager

Our Memories